The above is monthly tuition for weekly scheduled dance classes.  Prices for Master Classes, Intensives, Camps, Pointe, or Private Lessons will vary.  FDO Competitive Team tuition information can be found in the portal.


There is $25 registration fee per dancer, or a maximum fee of $35 per family, at the time of class registration. Registration fees are non-refundable.


FDO Dancers taking multiple classes, or families with multiple dancers, will receive a 10% discount on each additional class, or for each additional dancer registered.


The first month’s payment is due at the first class.  Subsequent tuition will be due the first week of every month. Payments not received by the 8th of the month are considered late. 


Payment Methods - We accept cash, checks, credit cards (VISA & MasterCard). We offer our dance families the option to save their credit card account information in our secure system and process the monthly charges automatically. The dance class registration form includes a section where you can provide the required information and signature to enable automatic monthly payments. 


For any payments made by check or cash, while we are still social distancing, please email fdomisskelly@aol.com prior, payment is collected at the door and receipt will be given for cash payments: (i) post dated checks are not permitted; and (ii) a $25.00 return fee will be charged for any returned checks.


Late Charge -- Accounts outstanding past the due date will be assessed a 10% late charge.

Recital Costume Deposits and Balances

A $50 deposit per recital dance class or costume (some classes have 2 costumes, ex: Hip & Flip), will be posted and is due with your November tuition payment. For those families on automatic payments, this charge will be automatically drawn. Costume balances are due in April. Recital costumes range in price from $75 - $95 and include all tights and accessories.

*2021 dance recital is pending and not currently planned. We will have a performance of some sort for our dancers, but not necessarily the purchase costumes/purchase tickets performance. All TBD after the new year.


WANNA SAVE SOME $$$ ? AND Support your FDO TEAM??

FDO offers simple fundraising, and here it is: First, email Kelly at fdomisskelly@aol.com with your gift card order (Shoprite or Foodtown), letting her know which store and the amount you want to purchase.  Come to the FDO drop off to pay for and pick up your gift cards.  These gift cards are to be purchased with cash only. Then, go food shopping with the gift cards.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE! For every $100 in gift cards you purchase, $4 goes into your own personal fundraising account, and $1 goes to support your FDO competitive teams!  You can use this collected account money  towards FDO tuition, recital costumes, recital tickets...etc.  You can encourage your family, neighbors to food shop this way too! 

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