Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register on-line through your website?

You sure can!  Click here to register for our classes.  Our registration software is powered by Jackrabbit Technologies.

Do you have an on-line dashboard for parents to manage their classes, payments, etc.?

Yes.  Our "Parent Portal" is available here.

Can I register at any time throughout the season?
FDO accepts registrations all season, but the recital participation registration cutoff is November 10th.
What happens if my dancer misses a class?
Your dancer can come in to take a same or similar class as a make-up class. There is no refund for missed classes.
What happens if the studio is canceled for a snow day, inclement weather or Holiday?
You may take a same or similar makeup class, but scheduled cancels, like holidays, may be made up on a scheduled calendar day if they are included in your tuition payment.
What happens if my dancer does not like dance class?
You can withdraw at any time with an email to fdomisskelly@aol.com. All tuition will be suspended with receipt of that email.  
How much is my recital costume deposit and when is it due?
Recital costume deposits are $75 and in many cases, that is the full price of your costume and accessories. Deposits are collected with your December 1st tuition and are non-refundable.
What if the class and class time of my choice is full?
Class sizes are limited, so if your selection is full, please choose another, and you can go on a wait list for your preference.
Is there a uniform?
The only uniformed dance class is ballet, and all other classes require appropriate attire, but no mandated colors or styles.
When is the recital?
We are awaiting final confirmation of dates and they will be shared, but traditionally FDO recital is Mid May.  We will post the precise date once it is confirmed.
Is there a parent wait area?
There is a parent wait area at the 320 Union Blvd location. The 248 Union Blvd location is a pretty much a drop off location, as it is generally older or team dancers who are in class for multiple classes a day, but parents may of course come inside if they would like to.
When is tuition due?
Tuition is due the beginning of each month, with the final tuition payment due in May. We do encourage a credit card kept on file and automatic monthly payments. You will be able to log in to your account at any time to see all payments and charges.
How much is tuition?
Class tuition varies, please see our website for individual listings and discounts.
Does my dancer have to perform in the recital?
No, but you will be missing a great time and a great show!  But no, it is not mandatory. 
Can a contact my child's teacher?
To contact a teachers, please send an email to the studio director fdomisskelly@aol.com who will then pass that email on and be sure you receive a timely response!
What is the food store gift card fund raiser?
The best & easiest fundraiser ever! You simply purchase gift cards for our  selected store (Shoprite), they are dollar for dollar, so $100 gets you $100.  For every $100 you purchase, $4 goes into your dancers personal account. You can sell these cards to family, friends, neighbors.. everyone has to eat!  By the end of the season, many have their costumes, recital tickets and even summer camp classes paid for using this fundraiser.   This fundraiser is for EVERYONE at FDO, you do not have to be a team dancer. 
What is a team dancer?
Team dancers are our competitive team dancers, ranging in age from 4 - 18yrs. These dancers take classes more than 1x weekly, depending on age and commitment, and compete at area dance competitions, as well as the recital. It is a great experience for those who would like to be on stage more than 1x a year, or for those pursuing dance as their only activity. If you would like more info, email fdomisskelly@aol.com

If you still have questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact form or by emailing fdomisskelly@aol.com.